Since 2017, we maintain to give healthy oat products with a best quality result in order to satisfy our beloved consumer.

Precised Quality Control

It is our top priority to ensure that every element such as the taste, texture, and the packaging of our product is in the perfect condition to be received by you.

Nature Goodness

We only use the best natural resources during the process of making our product. The oat as our main component is imported from the very well-known origin in west Australia. Furthermore, we also use natural antioxidant to keep the product from rancidity without using any artificial perseverance.

Halal Certified

Every product has already had the standarized halal certification which is given directly from the authorized institute. Therefore, you can feel at ease to consume our product without any hesitation.



Finest Products for Better Lifehood!

Nutritious Oat Just For You

Oat contains beta-glucan dietary fiber which scientifically proven reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and promoting healthier digestion system! Therefore, we select the oats from the best source located in west Australia. We undertake it in order to bring the most beneficial value from the products that we delivered for you !

Support Your Healthy Plan

Did you know that the amount of dietary fiber contained in our products has the greatest value among most similar products in the market? Also, the beta-glucan fiber contained in oats can slow down digestion by attracting water and increasing the viscosity of digested food, making your body able to absorb more nutrients which therefore increases your satiety !

Crunchy and Comforting

The most renowned characteristic of our products which is quite memorable within our customers is the light and airy crunchiness of our produce ! you can have GRANOLAB for breakfast as you usually prepare your cereal or just snacking it off directly! or maybe, you prefer having OAT CRUNCH for your snacking chums while watching your favorite movies is also a cool idea! Enjoy them on your own comfort!

See, when else you can nibble on these fun and crunchy snacks that also bring goodness to your body? Try them all! The flavors will seriously get you addicted!


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